About Slow Food


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Our Manifesto

Embracing the slow-food philosophy as our ethos, countering fast-paced & massed-produced approaches, we wholeheartedly embrace the local, revere the usage of seasonal produce, and passionately advocate for sustainability. We are committed to supporting our community and contributing conscientiously to the well-being of those around us. 

The Monte Cardón Experience embodies the principles of slow food as an elevated approach to both gastronomy and existence. It encompasses the noble values of community, sustainability, and an enhanced quality of life. 


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We are dedicated to utilizing exclusively local and organic produce, sourced from local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. This commitment ensures the utmost freshness and quality in our offerings while contributing to the support of our local economy.

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Our sustainability vision encompasses a broad spectrum, wherein we aim to beneficially influence social, economic, personal, and environmental aspects through our best practices. We strive to ensure that these practices promote well-being and healthy growth across the various areas and individuals impacted by our operations.

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Our culinary vision is shaped by seasonal produce, resulting in a continuously evolving menu. By exclusively sourcing ingredients locally and in-season, we actively reduce carbon footprints, avoiding the need to transport off-season produce from remote locations.


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