Cooking Classes


Our cooking class, recognized by prestigious Travel + Leisure ranked a must top experience in Los Cabos, is a joyful artistry where participants become the artists. With sustainability ad slow-food in mind, we source the finest ingredients from our surrounding hills, seas, and orchards. Our kitchen, a Baja-ranch masterpiece atop a hill, offers breathtaking views of the mountains, and shores that inspires our cuisine. Mexican contemporary cuisine, a UNESCO World Heritage, combines pre-Hispanic ingredients, Mediterranean influences, and rustic charm.

Our chef guides you on a sensory journey through Baja’s textures, flavors, and scents. Join us to create delicacies in our Atelier, immersed in this inspiring land.

Cooking Class hours

Lunch: 10AM – 2PM
Dinner: 3PM – 7PM

*48-hour paid reservation is required in advance.

Important considerations:

  •  48-hour paid reservation is required in advance.
  • Menu is tailored for every cooking class, please inform about your food restrictions prior your reservation in the form below.
  • Experience takes 4-hours including a tour at the property, welcome cocktail, and a 3-course recipe cooking class.
  • We recommend avoiding Uber or similar, as return pick-ups are rare, if need assistance with your transportation please let us know.
  • To request a reservation, plese fill the following form to revise availability and receive a CC payment link.
  • A minimum of 2 attendees are required for a reservation.
  • Private groups and experiences are available, please INQUIRE IN THE FORM BELOW.