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Monte Cardón assures an incomparable experience for your private celebration in Los Cabos. Crafted by seasoned professionals in luxury events and hospitality, we adhere to the highest standards, ensuring an exceptional concept for the celebration of unique and unforgettable occasions.

Our exclusive venue not only features breathtaking vistas, exquisite design, and meticulously tailored setups but also showcases the pinnacle of culinary artistry. What truly sets us apart is the personal touch of our founders, who invest the utmost care and attention in meticulously planning each event, ensuring an experience tailored exclusively for our cherished clients.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury with Monte Cardón. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and let us curate the most extraordinary and memorable event for you.

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Nestled at the hill’s highest summit, this expansive and shaded venue, spanning 3,800 square feet, unquestionably presents one of the most exquisite vistas available in all of Los Cabos. It stands as a regal observation point, affording an unending 360-degree panorama that gazes out over the entire East Cape valley. To the south, a sweeping view of the Sea of Cortez stretches to the horizon, while to the west, the awe-inspiring Sierra de la Laguna mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop. This venue is truly second to none, setting the stage for an extraordinary ceremony or an unparalleled cocktail area where you can savor the finest sunset experience.

Area: 3,800sqft

Dinning capacity: 100 PAX (seated)

Ceremony Capacity: 220 PAX (seated)

Cocktail capacity: 200  PAX (standing up + cocktail tables).

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This exquisite 3,500-square-foot terrace has been expertly carved into the mountainside, creating a serene pergola space embellished with magnificent columns meticulously crafted from robust Sierra de la Laguna timber. Its artistic roof, intricately woven from carrizo, gently filters the sun’s rays, offering a refreshing breeze and an expansive sense of openness. It affords a sweeping view of the grandeur of the Sea of Cortez, the cardón cacti that bestow their name upon our estate, and textured walls adorned with granite stones sourced from the very mountains upon which we stand. This forms an opulent setting for either a cocktail reception or an intimate dinner.

Area: 3,500sqft

Dinning capacity: 90 PAX (seated)

Cocktail capacity: 150 PAX (standing up + cocktail tables).



This expansive brick-floored al fresco patio graces the heart of our property, boasting a magnificent expanse of 10,800 sqft. It is the perfect setting for hosting dinners accommodating anywhere from 100 to 400 guests, offering an array of exquisite amenities. The patio showcases a pair of substantial stone walls adorned with illuminated cacti and cascading waterfalls that harmonize and refresh the ambiance in a truly phenomenal manner. Overhead, bistro lights weave a captivating canopy of light, while gracefully rustic-clay potted olive trees, illuminated from below, add to the enchantment.

Spanning 1,200 sqft, an area dedicated to staging or dancing awaits your entertainment needs, all nestled within the embrace of the region’s native flora. This botanical beauty is thoughtfully adorned with perimeter lighting and provides awe-inspiring mountain vistas, creating an entirely sensational sensory experience. Moreover, we have plans to introduce a picturesque pond to further elevate the majestic decor of this already exceptional space (available for fall 2024).

Patio Area: 10,800sqft

Stage Area: 1,200sqft

Dinning capacity: 400 PAX (seated)

Cocktail capacity: 1500  PAX (standing up + cocktail tables).



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Scheduled for February 2024, this space will undoubtedly offer one of the most spectacular venues in Los Cabos and the world to celebrate the most beautiful ceremony. Perched on a hilltop, with the splendor of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains as its backdrop, a beautiful non-denominational chapel constructed in rustic yet elegant Mediterranean-style granite stone will serve as the setting to frame the most spectacular sunsets over the Baja Desert. With a stunning garden surrounded by local cacti, olive trees, and lush jacarandas and tabachines, this 6,500 sqft garden will be a truly unique spectacle for hosting a dreamlike celebration.

These event spaces offer the perfect setting for a truly memorable occasion, whether it’s a wedding, celebration, corporate event, or an intimate gathering. Monte Cardón’s commitment to sustainability, our utmost quality, attention to detail, and thoughtful integration with the natural environment ensure that every event is not merely a gathering but an experience to be cherished, deeply rooted in the essence of Baja California’s unique landscape.

Patio Area: 4,300sqft

Seating capacity (ceremony): 200 PAX (seated)

Cocktail capacity: 150  PAX (standing up + cocktail tables).