Monte Cardon

A slow-food kitchen concept, farm-to-table restaurant atop a hill in Los Cabos.

-A Baja Mediterranean Epicurean Experience-

Our Concept

Explore Monte Cardon, an extraordinary culinary destination that offers an unparalleled farm-to-table dining experience, slow-food-inspired cooking classes, and an unforgettable event venue in Los Cabos.

Nestled atop a hill in the tranquil desert landscape, just an 18-minute drive from San Jose del Cabo’s main square, Monte Cardon proudly sits on a distinctive 20-acre hilltop estate. Our rustic-elegant design seamlessly blends with the Baja surroundings, providing an impressive panoramic view of the endless Baja desert, the Sea of Cortez, and the sunset-kissed mountains as a backdrop.

At Monte Cardon, we embrace the “slow-food” ethos, steering clear of mass-produced, fast-paced approaches. Our commitment is to curate a delectable Baja-Mediterranean epicurean adventure, highlighting the flavors of the region and Mexican heritage with a focus on local, seasonal, and organic produce.


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– Experience Slow-Food –

Embark on an exclusive and unparalleled dining experience at Monte Cardon, where we present a lavish 6-course tasting menu, reserving only 12 seats twice a week. Our commitment to a slow-food / farm-to-table ethos is evident in the use of fresh, seasonal produce sourced daily from nearby ranches, farms, and the bountiful Sea of Cortez. All main ingredients travel no more than 12 miles to reach our kitchen, crafting a constantly evolving and spontaneous menu.

In the spirit of “la Table du Chef”, this culinary adventure delves into the stories behind each organic ingredient, tracing their origins from the ranches where meats were raised to the fields where produce was harvested and the seas where fish were caught. Amidst Mediterranean-inspired flavors, engaging conversation, and camaraderie, guests will savor the experience, complemented by the finest Mexican vintages.

Set against the captivating backdrop of Baja’s nature, with a breathtaking sunset painting the horizon in shades of orange, our Chef’s Table promises to be a cherished memory for a lifetime—a harmonious blend of farm-to-table excellence, slow-food philosophy, and luxurious dining in the heart of Los Cabos.

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– Cook in the Most Beautiful Baja Kitchen –

Our hands-on cooking class experience, lauded as a top must-do by prestigious Travel + Leisure in Los Cabos, is a delightful artistry where participants transform into culinary artists. Mindful of sustainability and the slow-food ethos, we meticulously source the finest ingredients from our surrounding hills, seas, and orchards.

Our kitchen, a Baja-ranch masterpiece atop a hill, provides breathtaking views of the mountains and shores that serve as inspiration for our cuisine. Mexican contemporary cuisine, a UNESCO World Heritage, blends pre-Hispanic ingredients, Mediterranean influences, and rustic charm. Our chef expertly guides you on a sensory journey through Baja’s textures, flavors, and scents.

Join us to craft delicacies in our Atelier, immersed in the inspiring beauty of this land.



Weddings & Private Celebrations

– Tailored  Elegant Memorable – 

Monte Cardón assures an incomparable experience for your private celebration in Los Cabos. Crafted by seasoned professionals in luxury events and hospitality, we adhere to the highest standards, ensuring an exceptional concept for the celebration of unique and unforgettable occasions.

Our exclusive venue not only features breathtaking vistas, exquisite design, and meticulously tailored setups but also showcases the pinnacle of culinary artistry. What truly sets us apart is the personal touch of our founders, who invest the utmost care and attention in meticulously planning each event, ensuring an experience tailored exclusively for our cherished clients.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury with Monte Cardón. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and let us curate the most extraordinary and memorable event for you.

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What Our Clients Say


Monte Cardón is destination located 18 minutes from downtown San Jose del Cabo. Drive along the paved road towards the East Cape, which is a pleasant route with beautiful views of mountains and sea. Your drive will be rewarded upon arrival, discovering a dreamlike location with the most incredible views and an exceptional experience.

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